Why Religion Can Hurt

ImageIf any of you have dealt with a chronic illness or a chronic problem I’m sure you’ve heard some of the following things. I’m sure you’ve heard if you’d just get closer to God (Allah or whatever you call the deity in your religion). If you would just pray harder you’d get better. Just try harder because God heals the sick.

My question to you (the self righteous religious folks telling us this) is what gives you the authority to say such things? What gives you the authority to demean someone with a chronic illness? Of course we pray. Of course we try. What do you suggest we do? I thought the bible said that God would give us trials. Have you ever thought maybe this is ours?

Do you think you are holier than me because I’m ill? I specifically remember Jesus taking a special liking to the poor and ill. I need you (self-righteous religious person) to help me understand why you think this way.

I don’t think you can answer my questions. If you make an attempt you just answer them with more questions. When I still don’t understand you get angry. I don’t think even you understand your own theology.

I ask you to please ever so politely shut the hell up. Don’t tell me what God is going to do because you don’t know. Please stop making us sick people feel like it’s our fault we aren’t getting better. Stop ostracizing us. Please let us have our personal religious relationships. My biggest suggestions to you are to learn boundaries and to please stop telling us it is our fault that we aren’t healed. WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT?


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