30 Days Of Being “Just Friends” With My Husband

Starting today my husband and I will not be married anymore. We are trying 30 days of just being friends to rekindle our relationship. I’m going to be blogging about this experience for the next 30 days to let you know how it works out. We are trying to strengthen this part of our relationship. It gives us a unique challenge as a married couple to look past the marriage and see each other in a different light. This could either be good or very bad. I hope it helps us gain some perspective on our marriage and on each other. I hope we will be able to learn more about the other and about how each other feel. This means 30 days of no sex. This means 30 days of not sleeping in the same bed or even the same room. This means no kissing. This means 30 days of starting over from the beginning. We shall see where this journey takes us.Image


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