God Laughs

I want to believe God is real. I want to believe there is a guy in the sky looking out for me. I really do, but I seriously have my doubts.

I don’t believe there is some omnipotent presence above us just there to judge our actions and impose heinous punishments on us for them. What is the point of that really? Life without this constant worry of being judged is so much more fulfilling. 

I say this because when we don’t worry about this sky God we can work on whatever purpose we feel like we are here for. I believe in having a purpose, but not necessarily one that is laid out for us. I believe we find our own purpose. I believe it is about our own personal journey.

I mean if God is real how can he allow so much violence, hate, evil, etc.? I hate the normal excuses that people give like it’s his will and he gives us trials…blah blah blah. If he is this great presence what is the need for this? Furthermore what is the need for us to even be on earth at all? Why aren’t we up there with him instead of living in this painful and at times dreadful existence?

If God is real he must be really entertained by all the tribulations we all go through. If God gives us these trials then isn’t he also evil? If God is real he must be up on his cloud just laughing at our misery.



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